Climate Design

Bonding Binding Bending

Ecology is about Bonding. It is a kind of knowledge that can include science, and far beyond.

Good science is made with good approach on what we don’t know, and bad science is made when we just decide to ignore our lack of awareness of the unknown

Atmospheric circulation is a subject that contains much more unknowns than knowns.

We are in a way of very bad design, and the products of this design are quite visible right now. We are designing atmospheric circulation pretending to ignore our unknowns, pretending to leave to nature the decision about how to react at us. It is just bad design, but still design. So, how are we designing climate? Badly, very badly. And where is our main lack of knowledge about Climate Design? Is on scale. We approach the scale of the atmospheric circulation the same way we approach the scale of a vegetable garden, but they works under different rules, sizes matters. Evaporation, evaprotranspiration, entropy, negentropy, condensation, rainfall, mineralizatoin, all that matters on a vegetable garden and climte, but the scale of 1 vegetable garden is not enough to fix climate  changes. So what do we need? We need to approch this subject with proper lenses, understanding the bonds between oceans and continents, between winds and the sun, between culture, willpower, technology and consciousness of our poor scientifical knowledge. We are able to do marvellous things, to build and rebuild the most exquisite theories about worlds and paralell worlds, and in the other hand we are day by day more distant to have strong comitments on our societal behaviour, and even more far to learn to respect those who can actually teach us.

Continents influences continental rainfall same as oceans, hygroscopy, condensation, coalescence, biotic pump are important concepts to understand why Amazon is different of Sahara, and how we have, already, enough technological power to convert one another. There’s no special need for large scale plants for dessalination, because we can make clouds with orography and hygroscopy. We do know how to make it, and we are doing it. Maybe not fast enough when compared to the bad Climate Design, product of our societal behavior, and that’s all it is about: Bonds. We create bonds, not bends. Because Ecology is about Bonds. Deep transformation evolves from deep bonds, where the self and the it looses their important differences.

We have specific regions on the continents where makes strong sense to plant forests. Forest means a multidiverse structure of trees, bushes, herbs and all sorts of animals, includding humans, of course, and this multidiverse structure fulfill the web of needs of these beings, includding climate. Connecting watersheds with forest we raise healing landscapes. And mosaicking landscapes we grow healing regions, with enough size to balance the height of the winds, the clouds, the albedo, the rainfall, the greenhouse effect, wich means: intended climate changes, or a better word: Climate Design.

Bonds. Ecology is about bonds. The lack of awareness of what we don’t know is the reason why we make together this very noisy and destroyful Design on the Climate. Once we are blind about what we decide not to consider as relevant, whis will haunt us. Because everything on nature matters. Because ecology is about bonding, not bending to brake apart, not binding to control. Ecology is the kind of culture that grows when we can grow the same size of the unknown. That’s what Climate Design is.