PDC+ Syntropic Agroforest

16.05.2022 – 27.05.2022
Paraíso Tipu Tipu, Foral, Algarve, Portugal

This is an intensive 12-day course covering the standard 72-hour PDC content and additional hours of practical and theoretical learning in Permaculture, Syntropic Agroforests and Bamboo. Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.
This 12-day intensive course is taking place on multiple dates, which are:
22.03 – 5.04.2022
27.04 – 8.05.2022
16.05 – 27.05.2022
8.06 – 19.06.2022
29.06 – 10.07.2022
There is the possibility to attend to modules spread over several course dates.

Timetable and Curriculum

Download the full timetable and curriculum here

Course fee and what it includes

Fee: €450 per person (IVA/VAT included)

Payment: €150 transfer to reserve a place + €300 upon arrival at the course venue
Conditions: Refunds are possible until 7 days before the start of the course. In the event of cancellation of the course due to force majeure, all fees received will be refunded via bank transfer maximum 2 weeks after notification. If the course is postponed, the option remains to credit the amounts already paid towards a future date.

– 12 days of practical and theoretical sessions
– Full board: all meals, access to camping site, showers and sanitary facilities
– Liability insurance
– Permaculture Design Certificate (minimum 80% of the course must be attended)



Lead facilitator and host
In early years, visiting family friends in farms and forests in Brazil’s countryside, i got contact with other perspectives and ways to live, understand, submerge in nature. Then started hiking, trekking and exploring mountains and natural parks in the tropical rainforest (Mata Atlântica), having very long walks as main practice of meditation.

I’m a philosopher, educator, territorial planner, sculptor and agroecologist. My focus is to work in the proper scales using proper tools, with ecological based technologies.
Most of my work as teacher, researcher and consultant have been towards large scale watersheds, biodiverse forests and syntropic agroforests. My academic studies was in philosophy, agroecology and social communication, and specialization in education and arts teaching, and my professional experience includes conferences and lectures in many international events, such as World Social Foruns 2002, 2003, 2005, 2009 and 2010; 5000+ hours of consultancies in the past 20 years, 1000+ students in short and long courses, and thousands of hectares of experience in design, planning, planting and management of agroforests and syntropic agriculture.

Daniel is a certified teacher (CAP), co-founder of the Brazilian Bamboo Association and has run Ecotopias for more than 10 years.


Co-facilitator and host
Cândida was born and raised in the South of Portugal. A Nature-lover from early on, she studied Biology, Aquatic Ecotoxicology and Restoration Ecology, which led her to an international career in research. After much questioning of why there was so much information about the problems in the world but not so much about the urgently needed solutions, Cândida trained in Kundalini Yoga, Permaculture, and as a facilitator in South America and Europe. Early on in this transformational process she identified the key factor to prioritise in any restoration project: the social element. Cândida now lives back in her homeland, developing educational opportunities in Permaculture and related topics, while co-creating a territorial recovery design for a region that is suffering from rapid desertification and extreme lack of Water. Her dream: to swim again in the crystalline Algarvian rivers on warm Summer days, knowing that the rural environment is again busy with a diverse, thriving and resilient network of professionals from all areas and of all ages.

Candida’s main Permaculture Training:
– PDC with Tierra Martínez and Beatriz Ramírez, Instituto Ná Lu’um, June 2015, Colombia.
– Permaculture Diploma (partial) with Instituto Ná Lu’um, 2016-2018, Colombia/Argentina.
– Cultural Emergence Effective Design with Looby Macnamara and Andy Goldring, September 2019, England.
– Permaculture Teacher Training with Alfred Decker, Patricia Pereira and Hugo Oliveira, November 2019, Portugal.
– Blended Transformative Learning – Training for Trainers with BLAST team, December 2021, Online.

Permaculture facilitation/hosting:
– Co-facilitator on 4 PDCs and 8 permaculture-related courses since 2016.
– Organiser and host of 3 PDCs in Portugal and Italy, 2018-2019.
– Co-creator and facilitator on monthly Permaculture Sundays (“Domingos de Permacultura”) in Portugal since 2019.
– Co-organiser and moderator of online European Permaculture Convergence, October 2021.

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