Syntropy in Residence

Do you believe that art and science can intersect in powerful and transformative ways? Our Syntropic Agroforest in-residence program provides a unique opportunity for artists to explore the possibilities of transdisciplinary collaboration, engaging with the science of living sustainably and regeneratively with everything that grows.

Our residency is designed for artists who are interested in exploring the intersection of art and science, drawing on scientific principles to develop new modes of artistic expression. We encourage artists to engage with scientific and frontier science approaches, with a particular focus on syntropic agroforestry and livelihood impersonating.

Over the course of two immersive weeks, artists will be provided with the space and resources to experiment with different modes of collaboration and interdisciplinary exploration. By working together, artists can explore the unique possibilities that arise when different perspectives and skill sets are brought to bear on a creative project.

Our center is situated within a breathtaking natural environment, where participants can engage with the principles of syntropic agroforestry firsthand. Through hands-on experience and engagement with cutting-edge scientific research, artists will develop a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all living things and the importance of regenerative practices for the health of our planet.

As part of our commitment to sustainability and community, meals will be shared among participants, emphasizing the importance of collective nourishment in both physical and creative pursuits. Common spaces will serve as a hub for collaboration and community, with artists coming together to share their experiences, insights, and art.

At the end of our two-week residency, artists will have the opportunity to showcase their work in a public exhibition, sharing their unique artistic vision with the wider community. We welcome artists of all backgrounds and skill levels to join us on this transformative journey of exploration and collaboration, as we explore the possibilities of transdisciplinary art and the science of living sustainably and regeneratively with everything that grows.