PDC+ Syntropic Agroforest course registration

Information needed for course insurance (included in course fee and provided by organisers)
For emission of receipt
Please include the country code
Please select the most probable option.
For organisation of parking and course activities.
Preferred arrival is the 21st of March in the afternoon.
Please indicate any allergies, food intolerance or medical dietary needs.
This course will be given in English only. Please describe your English language skills.
If you plan to attend the course accompanied by children, please indicate their names and birth dates.
Select the main route by which you came to know about this course.
(1) There will be a maximum of 45 people on site during the course (including organisers and facilitators). (2) There will be alcohol gel for hand disinfection and water points for washing with soap. (3) Wearing a facial mask will be required where safety distances cannot be respected and in enclosed spaces for the first 3 days of the course. The intention is to spend as much time outdoors as possible, weather conditions permitting. (4) Each participant carries a personal, refillable water bottle on site. (5) Each participant performs a rapid antigen test upon arrival, on the third day of the course, and whenever possible symptoms arise. (6) Take care to stay within the social bubble of the course group during the 15 days of the course. (7) If you have any questions, write to cursos@ecotopias.org before agreeing to these precautions.
PAYMENT: €150 transfer to reserve a place + €300 upon arrival at the course venue. CONDITIONS: Refunds are possible until the 14th of March. In the event of cancellation of the course due to force majeure, all fees received will be refunded via bank transfer within 2 weeks of notification. If the course is postponed, the option remains to credit the amounts already paid towards a future date.
Write here any additional information you would like to know about or questions you may have.