PDC+ Syntropic Agroforest

Permaculture Design Certificate + Syntropic Agroforest

Paraíso Tipu Tipu, Foral, Algarve, Portugal

This is an intensive 12-day course covering the standard 72-hour PDC content and additional hours of practical and theoretical learning in Permaculture and Syntropic Agroforests.
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There is the possibility to attend to modules spread over several course dates. This 12-day intensive course is taking place on multiple dates, which are:
22.03 – 5.04.2022
27.04 – 8.05.2022
16.05 – 27.05.2022
8.06 – 19.06.2022
29.06 – 10.07.2022

Contact us at cursos@ecotopias.org for more information about this option.