Performance in Residence

Are you an artist who is passionate about exploring the limitless possibilities of live performance? Our Performance in-residence program provides a unique opportunity for creatives to push the boundaries of their artistic expression, using the body as a powerful tool for storytelling.

Our residency is designed for artists who are interested in exploring the intersection of performance art, environmental activism, and sustainability. Over the course of two weeks, artists will be given the space and resources to experiment with different modes of performance, including theater, dance, and music.

We believe that collaboration is key to unlocking the full potential of performance art, and our program is designed to encourage artists to work together and to push one another creatively. By working collaboratively, artists can explore the unique possibilities that arise when multiple perspectives are brought to bear on a creative project.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, our center is situated in a pristine natural environment, which serves as the perfect backdrop for artists to create and perform their work. Whether it’s the rustling of leaves in the wind, the chirping of birds, or the babbling of a nearby stream, the natural world offers a wealth of inspiration for artists seeking to create performances that engage with environmental themes.

Participants in our program will share meals and common spaces, forging strong connections with one another as they explore the possibilities of performance art. We believe that nourishment, both physical and creative, is essential to the creative process, and our shared meals provide the perfect opportunity for artists to come together and share their experiences and insights.

At the end of our two-week residency, artists will have the opportunity to showcase their work in a public performance, sharing their unique artistic vision with the wider community. We welcome artists of all backgrounds and experience levels to join us on this transformative journey of exploration and collaboration, as we explore the limitless possibilities of performance art.