Design & Consultancy

Our consultancy offers an intricately integrated design with territorial planning strategies focused on clustering and mosaic of landscapes. We offer a comprehensive approach that encompasses various key aspects for sustainable development based on regenerative practices. Our expertise lies in restoring ecological functions of the landscapes with existing businesses and economic activities, bringing together forests and productive syntropic agroforests that not only provide ecological benefits but also offer economic opportunities. By combining innovative design principles with regenerative agricultural practices, we help our clients establish resilient landscapes that optimize productivity and enhance biodiversity. Furthermore, we assist businesses in navigating the realm of carbon credits, allowing them to unlock the potential of carbon sequestration and offset their emissions.

The Design encompass comprehensive soil building techniques, emphasizing the importance of organic matter, shade, evapotranspiration, and robust root systems to create fertile and healthy soils. In addition, we offer the integration of advanced plant-based sewage treatment systems to address irrigation and restoration of soil systemic fertility with water treatment and reuse solutions, ensuring that the water resources will minimize environmental impact and enhance both productivity and biodiversity.

Our approach includes thorough diagnostic assessments of the business ecosystem and its intersection with regional dynamics, enabling us to provide tailored solutions that align with local needs and opportunities. With our consultancy service, you will gain access to our expertise in forest and agroforest design, carbon credits, soil building, water treatment, and the strategic alignment of your business with the regional context. Together, we can create sustainable and thriving landscapes that not only benefit the environment but also drive economic prosperity and social well-being.