A School for Sustainability and Regeneration

Our school is a reflection of our commitment to sustainability, regeneration, and the intersection of life, art, science and healthy livelihoods. Ecotopias, as the name say, means ‘places of home’.

We aim to bring together people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to share a transformative journey of exploration and collaboration. It is our believe that through a strong commitment on learning and teaching, we gather the resources and funds necessary to deploy large-scale ecological restoration projects, creating a healthier and thriving mosaic of landscapes through continents, capable to interact positively with climate in the proper scale.

As a school, we offer a variety of programs and events designed to bring people together to explore the possibilities of ecological technologies, sustainable living and artistic expression. Among other programs and events, we offer a unique artistic residency program, where artists are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in a creative environment that supports the deep development of their artistic vision, designed to provide artists with the opportunity to experiment with different modes of artistic expression and explore the relationship between humans and the natural world, emphasising the importance of collective nourishment in both physical and creative pursuits.

We understand that education and true engagement with the communities are the keys to creating a thriving and healthy landscape. For that we offer a variety of educational programs and events, including training programs, workshops, lectures, and exhibitions, designed to inspire and inform in many levels.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our school, our programs, and our commitment to sustainability and regeneration. Join us on this transformative journey of exploration and collaboration as we work towards a healthier living world for us all.